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Welcome to St Marys' Metchosin

We’d like you to get to know us. Please visit the various links on our website and send us a note if you have any questions or drop by in person - We would be pleased to meet you and welcome you to our community.

We are St Marys' (S - apostrophe)
There are two St Marys in Metchosin
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We’re a member of the Anglican Church of Canada

We are an inclusive church – We welcome every single one of God’s children.

We’re a community church

We have been a part of the Metchosin community since 1873 and we plan on sticking around. Lots of things have changed in over 140 years, but God’s love never changes – we welcome you into our community, we accept all, and we welcome your involvement with us.

We’re a family church

We recognize that families come in a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes and we are happy to include everyone in our worship service – we’re very relaxed.

Now we'd like to get to know you...


We are a small church with a big heart

This means that we enjoy being actively involved by partnering and volunteering with many organizations such as:

  • Our Place
  • Goldstream Food Bank & PWRDF Disaster Relief
  • various Penny Jar Ministries
  • a weekly Morning Prayer Service
  • hosting the annual Blackberry Tea
  • providing a monthly Seniors lunch
  • an annual Blessing of the Animals Service
  • the Drop-In Christmas Pageant
  • Fun on Fridays
  • Prayer Shawl ministry
  • providing space for many concerts, conferences, and speakers
  • Summer Breeze Out Of School Care program
  • Metchosin Preschool
  • TOPS
  • emergency shelter
  • weddings, same sex blessings, baptisms, funerals, and memorials
  • maintaining the heritage church of St. Mary the Virgin and its surrounding grounds


Everyone is welcome to come and join us as part of our living community.